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Milk & Dark Chocolate Mixed Selection - 190g

Image of Milk & Dark Chocolate Mixed Selection - 190g

Introducing Chocolatier Australia's new mixed selection of milk and dark chocolates and hand rolled truffles.

Pure Dark Truffle - Dark chocolate lovers dream, rich pure dark chocolate truffle

Milk Salted Caramel - Soft caramel encased in pure milk chocolate sprinkled with salt

Raspberry Crunch - Crushed raspberry drops mixed with a creamy white chocolate filling

Peanut Butter Caramel - Peanut butter & caramel filling, topped with roasted peanuts in a pure milk cup

Butterscotch Cup - Pure milk chocolate surrounds a smooth caramel butterscotch centre

Mini Mudcake - Soft caramel in a milk chocolate cup sprinkled with milk chocolate flakes

Molten Lava - An indulgent pure dark chocolate with a gooey caramel centre

Tiramisu - An irresistible dessert made up of layered crepe crumbs and coffee

Cookies & Cream Truffle - White chocolate & real biscuit crumb rolled in creamy white chocolate flakes

18 Pieces